: u r : – AN OPENING

ur Opening

What is : u r : and what’s its purpose?

: u r : is everything. Well, almost.
We could say : u r : is everything that is good, right and beautiful. Everything that matters. In short, : u r : is a way of living.

The Symbol

: u r : concentrates itself in and unfolds itself by its symbol. It’s the circle in which the vertical pillar of thinking crosses the horizontal level of acting or, metaphysically spoken, the Spirit i.e. the λόγος (logos) that transcends, materializes and perpetuates the κόσμος (kosmos). This Urprinzip (primal principle) unveils itself in innumerable if not all aspects of Sein (being, i.e. that-what-is). In the tradition of hermeticism the vertical direction is understood as male with materializations such as sky, fire, sun and the horizontal direction as female, e.g. manifested in water, soil, moon. The life-giving rain that pours on the terra mater, the man and woman who repeat and therefore renew the ἱερογαμία (hierogamia) that was in illo tempore. Before the actual genesis took place the Old Testament states, „Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness covered the surface of the watery depths, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.“ The prefix ur used for the earliest form of things or for embodying intrinsic qualities of a particular entity, meant in its Indogermanic radix moisten or sprinkle and was related to male animals. The dichotomy of the polar forces are their true unity that is hold by The All that can be seen as a circle, the number one, the snake οὐροβόρος that bits itself, the eternal return.

In Heidegger’s famous meditation The Fieldpath he conceives growing, i.e. being, as „open oneself to the expanse of the heavens as one takes root in the darkness of the earth.“ This dictum is essential for the identity of : u r : and defines its Weltanschauung (world view) as well as its mission and meaning in the world. Deriving from this metaphor of the tree, it is obviously that the three strokes pointing upwards symbolize branches and those reaching downwards roots. This one (world) tree, i.e. Yggdrasil, can also be found as a polar division into abor solis et abor lunae in arabic alchemy.

The Mission

: u r : is like its symbol a world in itself, a dwelling for men and it’s material entity is triune:


The gallery:ur is a ground – resp. an ungrounded cyber space at the moment – for paintings and drawings done by artists that like to serve the werk. The brand:ur is the forum where artefacts, garments and prints can be acquired, objects of a style that is a veracious expression of an inner attitude that makes : u r : to what it is. Everything will be done with dedication.

: u r : was founded in 2017, but you could also say it was founded in 1959, or 1529, or 0, or 2620 b.c. … actually it wasn’t founded, not by men alone. And neither are the author’s names of any higher importance, nor relativizes eternity just one moment. There is only now. But the now ain’t no cutout, it’s a link in a chain, a carpet, woven with and by fated men.

: u r : is a seed and it’s sprouting and growing. The Ungesonderte (that, what is not separated from its natural being because it was not used by men yet) is always the real wealth because it hides more possibilities than men can ever realize. The Ursprung (wellspring/ origin) is therefor the only source for renewal.

Only time will show where the journey leads us. But to say it with Rilke, Du musst dein Leben ändern (You have to change your life).

Bow to : u r : and serve the realm. It is everything you need.

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»Was fruchtbar ist, allein ist wahr.« – Goethe, Vermächtnis

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Malen und Zeichnen, Denken und Schreiben.